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Safety Tips

We Care About Your Child’s Safety on the School Bus

At ASM Bus Transportation, we know that the safety of children on the school bus is not only the responsibility of the bus driver, but also of others on the road. That’s why we want to share some important winter safety tips with students, parents, and motorists.

For Students & Parents:

1. Take Your Time. When it’s slippery outside, rushing to catch the bus or driving faster can have disastrous consequences. Encourage your children to leave a few minutes early and take their time to get to the bus stop, especially in cold, windy, or snowy conditions. This will help reduce the risk of falls on slick pavement.

2. Stay Warm and Alert. It’s important for students to keep warm at the bus stop, but they also need to be able to see and hear what’s happening around them. When bundling up your child in the morning, make sure they have a clear line of sight and can hear traffic and other noises. And remember, your child should still be able to put their arms down comfortably.

3. Stay Focused and Safe. We all know the dangers of not paying attention while walking. When walking on snow or ice, it’s even more important to watch where you’re going. Take shorter, more deliberate steps or do the “penguin shuffle” to maintain your balance and avoid accidents.

4. Wear Safe Footwear. It’s crucial to wear footwear that’s appropriate for the conditions. Avoid shoes with slick soles when walking on wet surfaces, snow, or ice. Good traction will help prevent slips and falls.

For Everyone:

1. Be Patient. Our school bus drivers are highly trained to drive in inclement weather. However, snow and icy roads can still cause delays. Safety is our top priority, so please be understanding if there’s a little extra time needed to get from stop to stop.

2. Use Handrails. Getting on and off the bus may seem like a simple task, but it should never be taken for granted. Always use the handrails for stability and support.

3. Stay Informed. Mornings can be hectic, but it’s important for parents to stay aware of weather alerts and school messages. Bad weather can lead to cancellations, delays or changes in bus routes. Make sure your school has your contact information to receive important updates, and be sure to check your school’s website or local media when inclement weather is expected.

Your child’s safety is our priority at ASM Bus Transportation. Let’s work together to ensure they have a safe and secure journey to and from school.

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