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Sign up for your school’s schedule. For the protection of our children, the bus schedules online are password protected.  Upon approval of your completed parent form, you will be provided with the URL and password to access your school’s schedules.

Why Choose Us

Unlock the Full Potential of What Our Bus Services Can Do Your School: Beyond Cost Savings

Discover how student transportation partnerships drive innovation.

Putting Students First: Our Top Priority is Their Well-being

At our ASM Bus Transportation, our drivers are the forefront of our operations. Our dedicated team works together to ensure their success. With a comprehensive system focused on safeguarding every student, every day, we prioritize routing, dispatch, maintenance, and safety. Join us and experience our commitment in action.

Clear Policies

Arrival time may be affected by traffic, weather, unforeseen incidents, or maintenance. Please arrive 10 minutes early for drop-off/pick-up.

Deliver Students Safely for Optimal Learning

Our specialized training and development program! We created this program to bring together drivers, school districts, and families of students with disabilities, so we can provide them with the best support possible.

Exellent Service

We make sure every bus is in excellent shape

Mastering bus maintenance is crucial for passenger safety and the success of your business. 

What we do to ensure excellent shape.

1. Daily inspections.
Before each shift, every driver should perform a basic maintenance check to identify any obvious issues that could compromise passenger safety. Provide our drivers with a daily checklist covering fluid levels, structure, tires, lights/signals, seatbelts, brakes, steering/horn, door function, and cleanliness. Drivers can hand in or leave the checklist to be approved.

2. Schedule professional inspections.
Preventative maintenance is key to saving time, money, and headaches in the long run. Buses are routinely inspected by a professional bus mechanic or specialist. These inspections address routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and fluid refills, and identify any potential issues with major components like tires, brakes, cooling system, battery, and exterior rusting.

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