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First Time Riders

We understand that the thought of your child riding the bus to school or daycare for the first time can be nerve-wracking. At ASM Bus Transportation Student, we prioritize your child’s safety and aim to alleviate any worries by providing experienced and caring drivers and monitors, as well as a secure transportation environment.

To further ease your child’s anxiety, here are some helpful tips:

Attend your school district’s “Meet your School Bus Driver/Tour a Bus” event, usually held a few weeks before the start of the school year. If no event is scheduled, reach out to your school.

Before the first day of school, show your child the bus stop where they will wait each morning.

On the first day of school, take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your child to the bus driver. This ensures that your child boards the correct bus at the end of the day. The teacher will also be present to assist.

Reassure your child that someone they know, like a trusted daycare provider, will be waiting for them at the end of the day.

Make the bus ride a positive experience by teaching your child simple safety tips and reminding them how to behave on the bus.

Let us help make your child’s journey to and from school a safe and enjoyable one.

Be sure to familiarize your child with bus rules.

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