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Unmistakable and nostalgic, school buses transport us back to our carefree days in grade school. But these iconic vehicles are more than just a symbol of our youth–they are incredibly versatile, capable of transporting people of all ages to various destinations. Whether it’s for shuttling a large group or ensuring your children arrive safely to and from school, we collaborate with charter schools to provide reliable and efficient transportation solutions.

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Parent Resources

Meet the team

Alexis Manns- Founder

Marcel- Head of Operations
Myra- Operations Manager

Keke- Transportation Lead

Kia- Transportation Operator 

Shanice- Transportation Operator

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Build strong, reliable relationships with the districts we serve. Join forces with ASM Bus Transportation.

Committed to our customers’ success, our organization prioritizes the needs of students, districts, and communities. We understand the importance of effective communication and strive to keep districts informed while actively seeking feedback. By following our recommended four-step customer feedback process, we can ensure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations:

1. Briefings: Keeping you updated on important information.
2. Regular Meetings: Maintaining consistent communication.
3. School Board/Superintendent Service Update Meetings: Addressing district-wide concerns.
4. Annual Customer Survey: Gauging overall satisfaction.

With these practices in place, we continuously improve our services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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